About company — Mangusta Plast

About company

“Mangusta Plast” company recycles and utilizes polymers from 2014.

We create closed-loop economy (5R principle) to keep
our planet clean.

Our company deals with the recycling of polymers:
polypropylene and polyethylene, the two most widely used types of plastics in the world.


of produce

Closed cycle

Any volume
of delivery

We specialize in utilization and recycling of polymers.
Our product is secondary pellets of polypropylene and polyethylene.
Stringent control of inward raw materials and high-tech production allows us to produce the highest quality of secondary pellets.
The quality of our produce is verified by certification.

Production and staff

Our company occupies its rightful place in the market of secondary pellets manufacturing due to the usage of European equipment, introduction of modern technological processes, and “Lean Production” methodology.
In order to improve theoretical knowledge and to develop practical skills and abilities, our staff members permanently take part in on and off-site professional trainings.


Every year our company participates in international exhibitions of raw materials, equipment and technology used in production of polymer materials articles.

Polypropylene and polyethylene pellets

Polypropylene and polyethylene belong to the polyolefin class materials. They are the most widely used polymers in the world which are used in almost all areas of human life and activity.
Secondary polypropylene and polyethylene retain almost all chemical properties of starting material.
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