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Problem of 21st century is hard waste pollution.
There is only one way to stop it – everyone of us should take part in it.

80% of hard waste is plastics.

Every year the amount of hard waste pollution increases

There is a solution to this problem – transition to closed-loop economy.
And it is possible today already – separate collection of plastic waste and its recycling. There are no other alternatives!
Our company has started this process in 2014 and we encourage all of you to join!



Collection of waste



Waste sorting







Prohibition on plastic products or recycling?

The authorities in many countries prohibit production and usage of disposable plastic bags. Is this measure effective in the situation of pollution of the environment with plastics? The answer is no!

What can be a plastic bag replaced with? Surely – a paper bag! However, to replace plastic bags with paper ones only in our country, it is necessary to cut 15,000,000 trees which can absorb 14,000 tons of CO2 per year.

To make a paper bag as ecologically friendly as a plastic one it is necessary to use it more than 8 times. Is it possible?

Rational use of resources and environmental pollution abatement – is the way to Humanity survival and prosperity.

Recycling of plastics is a crucial element of rational use of natural resources.

Are you ready to work with us to safe this planet for our children?

Collect plastic, separate it according to the type and give it to recycling!

Polypropylene and polyethylene pellets

Polypropylene and polyethylene belong to the polyolefin class materials. They are the most widely used polymers in the world which are used in almost all areas of human life and activity.
Secondary polypropylene and polyethylene retain almost all chemical properties of starting material.
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