Secondary High Density Polyethylene — Mangusta Plast


Secondary High Density Poly­ethy­lene

High Density Polyethylene

HDPE is a thermoplastic ethylene polymer of low density, produced under low pressure.

Application fields:

Construction industry
(cold-water supply pipes)

Transport and consumer packaging
(boxes, drip trays)

Consumer goods
(gardening equipment, garden furniture)

Household purpose
(carrier bags and films)

Our company produces high-quality secondary HD polyethylene pellets of the following colors:

  • Dark colors (under the black paint)
  • Black

Light-weight, doesn’t drown in water

Elastic but harder than LDPE

Chemically stable

Has dielectric qualities


Withstand high breaking weight

Frost resistant, up to -50°C

Are you ready to work with us to safe this planet for our children?

Collect plastic, separate it according to the type and give it to recycling!

Polypropylene and polyethylene pellets

Polypropylene and polyethylene belong to the polyolefin class materials. They are the most widely used polymers in the world which are used in almost all areas of human life and activity.
Secondary polypropylene and polyethylene retain almost all chemical properties of starting material.
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